We Like to Move your Items Saftey to your Destination

   Please Remember it is your Responsibility that your items are Safley Boxed and Ready For Transporting

If you pack your goods careful it helps keep them safe through the journey and also makes

it easier to find things when you arrive at your destination.


Mirrors, Glass ,Pictures  and other delicates

From time to time we will get jobs where a large mirror, glass framed picture, mirrored wardrobe, glass top from a table and so on will need to be transported. It's VERY important that you make sure these items are safely wrapped up in protective bubble wrap. The more the better!


Please remember that it is your duty to ensure that any fragile items such as the above are properly protected



Protect floors

It might be an idea to get old sheets or plenty of newspaper/cardboard and place it on the floors of your house during a move. It isn't practicle for the removal men to take their shoes off during a job and if the weather outside isn't particularly nice (and lets face it, when do we ever have nice weather anymore?!), then you are going to get a lot of wet and dirt trailing into your house, especially if you've got a cream carpet! Not only will your carpets be protected from dirt, they will be safe from any sharp edges and splinters from large items being transported into your house from catching and snagging the carpets or scratching any flooring and tiled surfaces.




1. Be organized dont leave your packing to the last minute.

2. Use sensible sized boxes and ensure they are properly taped.

3. Put everything in boxes to make it easier to load/unload the van.

4. Bubble wrap your pictures, mirrors and glass. glass on Wardrobes

( Items that are not Travel at your own risk)

5. Leave the entrance and hallway clear.

6. Put your bedding in strong black plastic bags.

7. Dismantle your Beds, Wardrobes and Tables.

8. Defrost your fridge and leave it empty.

9. Un-plumb your washing machine and dish washer.

10. Un-plug your TV, satellite box, sound system and speakers.

11. Things are best Boxed as thay are more protected

12.  Do Not Leave Items in Draws as this makes it difficult to move

13 Please Box your Items so we can Stack them onto the Van

14 Lcd Tv's if you dont have a box use a Quilt or transport in your Car


I can provide you with a easy Removal  Service using our Long Wheel Base - High Roof Luton Van.

suitable for Single Furniture Items up to Full House Moves.

Moving Tips & Info